Unlike the electronics or clothing you throw away when broken, or no longer enjoyed, your solid precious metal jewelry is literally worth its weight in gold, or sterling or platinum to you. It does not have the new value you paid for it, any more than your used car. The price we pay is based, not on the condition, designer or retail purchase price but on the weight and purity of metal that we can extract when melted.

We test and evaluate each item you bring.
We answer any questions you have.
We give you our offer based on current metal pricing.
We pay you in CASH when you say YES.


We prefer you to visit, but if shipping is necessary:
we encourage you to use a shipping service that
allows you to insure your items.

Address your package to:
821 East Roosevelt Road
Lombard, IL 60148

Wrap your items with a packing list and or photo.
Include your contact information:
Name to appear on check
Physical Address
Phone and / or email

We evaluate your items
We phone or email our buy offer
We send you a check when you say YES.

Whether you visit or ship,
We assay gold to determine its fineness.
We weigh each item using digital jewelry scales,
certified accurate by the Department of Agriculture.
We base our payment on daily metals market prices.