Never sell a family heirloom or items you still enjoy using.
Their value to you is greater than the raw precious metal price.

Do sell the items you no longer enjoy wearing or using.
Unlike the clothing, appliances, and home decor,
that you give to charity or throw away,
jewelry and sterling tableware has value for you.

Selling things like these to Chicago Jewelers makes perfect sense:
wedding bands from the “other” marriage
broken, twisted, bent chains
empty mountings, or mountings with missing gems
mismatched earrings that cost too much to have a mate created
service pins, club pins, class rings, society pendants
watch cases and bracelets that are precious metal
pendants, bracelets, brooches, rings
ankle bracelets, piercing jewelry
dental gold
gold and silver coins
good quality large diamonds
highest quality watches
sterling flatware, tea services, serving pieces

If you hate to polish it,
you just don’t wear it,
it costs too much to fix it,
your children don’t want it