All clients must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.
Clients must be the absolute legal owner of merchandise presented for sale and represents all merchandise to be free and clear of all liens, charges and encumbrances and that the seller has full right, power and authority to sell said merchandise.
All clients must be acting on their own behalf, not as an agent or representative of another person or persons.

Clients presenting merchandise for sale, in person at our business location, will view the assessment of their merchandise and will be given an immediate buy offer.
Clients are under no obligation to accept our offer.
There is no fee for our assessment or our buy offer.

Unable to visit? Ship your merchandise to:
821 East Roosevelt Road
Lombard, IL 60148

Securely wrap merchandise and include:
An item list and or photo of the merchandise.
Available gem lab certificates with diamonds.
The box, warranty, manual and other original purchase items with watches.
Finally, include your
personal contact information:
Name (in which check will be written)
Address (to which settlement check will be sent)
Phone (where buy offers can be communicated)
Email address (where buy offers can be communicated)

We encourage the use of a shipping service that allows you the ability to insure your merchandise. Furthermore, we encourage use of a shipping service that provides you proof of delivery.

CJI will refuse delivery of any shipment that appears damaged, opened or tampered with in any way.

CJI assumes no liability for items lost or damaged in shipment
to CJI.
You must make claims for lost or damaged merchandise shipped to CJI against the shipping service you chose.

CJI will assess your merchandise and contact you with a buy offer within forty-eight (48) normal business hours of receipt.

If CJI receives no response from you within ten (10) business days of our buy offer contact, it is agreed that you accept our buy offer.

Upon your acceptance of our buy offer, or by failing to accept or decline our buy offer within ten (10) business days as stated above, a check will be sent to the
personal contact information that you provided in your shipment by the end of the next business day. It is understood that all transactions are final.

If you refuse our buy offer, we will ship your merchandise to the
personal contact information that you provided in your shipment, within forty-eight (48) regular business hours of your refusal.

CJI will return non-gold or non-sterling items to you at a fee of $20, upon receipt of your check and specific request. Gemstones should be removed from items sent for sale. If you request stones to be returned, CJI will charge for the removal of each stone plus $20 to return stones to you.

Only pre-approved watches should be sent to CJI. Only the highest quality timepieces will be purchased. Watches not pre-approved will be returned to you at a fee of $20, upon receipt of your check and specific request.

Only pre-approved diamonds should be sent to CJI. Diamonds not pre-approved will be returned to you at a fee of $20, upon receipt of your check and specific request.

For all merchandise returned to your as a result of your refusal of our buy offer, CJI will:
use a shipping method and insurance of our choosing, at no cost to you;
insure items returned to you for a maximum of $100.00.
CJI will have no liability whatsoever for items returned to you, except for the return shipping insurance value.
You must inform CJI within 10 business days of a lost shipment to you, at which time CJI will process a loss claim with its shipper.
CJI will share proof of delivery, as supplied by its shipper, with you as soon as the shipper provides such proof; or will send you a check for the full amount of the shipper settlement, when CJI receives settlement from the shipper.

In all cases and events, you agree that the legal limit of our liability for any claims for lost, damaged or destroyed merchandise shall not exceed the amount of the shipper settlement CJI may receive.